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Director Of Tennis, President of Arcadia International Tennis, Inc

Arcadi Edelman arrived to the United States by contract from American company MatchPoint Promotions in 1991 with two of his students Tatiana Ignatieva (Junior French Open Finalist) and Max Mirnyi (Later became Top 20 in Singles and Winner of Grand Slam Tournaments in Doubles). Before coming to the United States, Arcadi was the National Coach in Russia. He trained 5 players who were #1 in the World in Juniors: Anna Smashnova, Max Mirnyi, Tatiana Igantieva, Tatiana Putchek, and Vladimir Voltchkov. In the Champinship of Europe Natalya Borodina, Vera Vitels, Alex Demidenko, Sergei Teterin, Victor Kazakevich all had very successful results. He was the coach of champions and prizewinners in the Wimbledon, Australian, French and US Open Tournaments for adults and junior players. Arcadi worked with his students in Greenwich, CT then he continued working in Matchpoint Bensonhurst, Matchpoint Mill Basin in Brooklyn, NY and in College of Staten Island. 


Besides being a successful tennis coach, Arcadi is also a life coach and a mentor for all of his students. He teaches his students very important life skills. He works deeply with each of his players individuality and works very hard on everyones mental, character, and brain while teaching tennis strokes. Arcadi truly believes this is the foundation for being successful as a tennis player. 


The most important goal for Arcadi is to build each students personality and potential to be successful in life, school, and sport. With the help of parents, Arcadi works to teach his students about working hard, confidence, being talented, respect of others, creativity, patience, and the desire to be successful based on their individual personality. 


Among Arcadi Edelman's students who were not listed above are: Tracey Forsythe, Elena Semenova, Olivia Dubovikov, Julie Smekodub, Sonya Ruzimovsky, Kate Stanchik, Yana Krugly, Gita Niznik, Denise Starr, Stephanie Vidov, Paulina Tafler, Lisa Marchelska, Alex Roberman, Chris Gardner,Mark Grae, Anders Young, Joseph Fisher, Mark Krasner, Bernard Tsepelman, Boris Chiporukha, David Gutnick, Justin Nataly, Johnathan Chan, Josh Siony, Bryan Koniecko, Eric Brinzenskiy, Lenny Vaksman, Michael Medvedev, Richard Zusman, Alan Magid, Bogdan Sheremet, Michael Dozortsev, Philip Pogrebinskiy, Eugene Lipovetsky, Bryan Gershfeld and many more. 



​​Arcadia International Tennis, Inc

Arcadi with many of his famous students listed above 

Arcadi with Max Mirnyi at the US Open Championship

Arcadi with Marat Safin and Max Mirnyi


Shamil Tarpischev (President of Tennis Federation of Russia, Moscow, Russia): "Arcadi Edelman is a born-to-be couch and teacher, who passes on all his knowledge, excitement and extreme warmth to his students. Arcadi has almost unique ability to overpower 'the sticking point' in the development of technical skills of the player, which leads to a sharp increase of player’s capacity on the court."



Sergey Leonyuk (Coach of Russian National Team, Former European and National Champion) “All of Arcadi’s students including myself were like a big family. His warm personality, demanding demeanor towards us, and faith in us helped us get through tough conditions and reach great results in many international tournaments.” 




Marat Safin (the winner in the US Open and Australian Open): "Arcadi Edelman is a tennis coach whose life is completely dedicated to the sport of tennis.” The success of Arcadi’s students on the court is the best evidence of what a talented coach, mentor and friend he is."



Evgeny Kafelnikov (the winner in Wimbledon and French Open): "Arcadi Edelman is a Gentleman on the court and off the court. His warmth and inexhaustible energy inspires his students, and opens them a way to the Grand Court.” 



Max Mirnyi (Olympic Champion 2012 Mixed Doubles with Victoria Azarenka, Winner in Wimbledon, Australian, French and US Open in doubles, Arcadi's student): "I would like to thank my coach and dear friend, Arcadi Edelman for his unconditional help, support and most importantly teaching me his unyielding work ethic.”




Elena Semenova (Certified Pro Tennis Coach, Montreal, Canada, Arcadi's student): "I am writing this with sincere gratitude to my coach and friend Arcadi Edelman. Our life long journey started many years ago when as a little girl I was fortunate to join the tennis club run by Arcadi. All the qualities that Arcadi helped to develop-strong character, discipline, self-confidence, stamina, speed- are life long companions. He had a vision for every child way beyond tennis career, he saw the student's personality with it's strong and weak sides. Arcadi's motto is to bring up an individua l-strong, honest, independent who has good work ethics on and off court. All these qualities and dedication to chosen field helped his students to succeed after they completed their tennis career."





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