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Players will train their technique in the morning practices, then apply what they have learned during match play in the afternoon practice. Our coaches participate in match play as well, so our students will all get to play against them. We have a lot of experience in helping our players getting prepared for tournaments, high school tennis and getting ready to play college tennis. We pride ourselves in our athletes who strive to improve truly their game and are looking for a summer camp that's going to allow them to hone their skills.


We pay special attention to players who have reached a plateau in their game, we can always find a way to help them continue with their progress and to realize their potential. Our training method is unique and we are able to successfully help all of our students to develop their game!

Daily Schedule:

8:00am- Rise and Shine

8:30am- Breakfast

9:30am- Stretching and Conditioning

10:00am- First Tennis Practice

12:00pm- Pool Time

1:00pm- Lunch

1:30pm- Rest Time 

3:30pm- Stretching and Conditioning

4:00pm- Match Play

6:30pm- Soccer, Basketball, Hockey etc.

7:30pm- Dinner

8:30pm- Rehearsal for Concert/ Talent Show or Movie Showing

10:00pm- Bedtime


Performing Arts

Our students will put together a talent show/concert with their friends for the parents and other guests to watch.

Everyone will be able to show all of their other talents that they have!

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